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Create a new situation of integration and build a high-quality new Fenhu 9 enterprises in Fenhu were selected into the Suzhou Gazelle Plan!

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In order to speed up the cultivation of technology-based enterprises and promote the rapid growth of small and medium-sized technology enterprises into landmark technology enterprises, the Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau recently announced the list of enterprises included in the 2020 Suzhou Gazelle Plan, and 391 enterprises in the city were selected.

one Suzhou Kaihong Polymer Technology Co., Ltd.
two Suzhou Jufeng Electrical Insulation System Co., Ltd.
three Wujiang Icarus (Suzhou) Vehicle System Co., Ltd.
four Suzhou Haishun Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.
five Suzhou Tiejin Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
six Suzhou Antway Valve Co., Ltd.
seven Suzhou Gutai New Materials Co., Ltd.
Eight Suzhou Baoming High Temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Nine Wujiang Dongwu Machinery Co., Ltd.

List of Enterprises in Suzhou Gazelle Plan in 2020

What is "Gazelle Enterprise"
It is understood that gazelle is a kind of antelope that is good at jumping and running. The industry usually refers to high-growth SMEs as "Gazelle Enterprises". The more "Gazelle Enterprises" in a region, the more
It shows that the stronger the innovation vitality in this region, the faster the development speed. The purpose of the "Gazelle Project" is to provide financing solutions for "Gazelle Enterprises" to help them jump higher and run faster,
The science and technology department will monitor the dynamic development of the enterprise, grasp the innovation and development needs of the enterprise, provide targeted services for the enterprise, and promote its rapid growth into a landmark technology enterprise.
What support measures are available
Suzhou Gazelle Plan is organized and implemented by Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau. According to their innovation needs, Gazelle Plan enterprises integrate various resources and give key support for different stages,
Provide classified guidance and support services to meet different needs, and increase cultivation efforts through linkages from top to bottom to jointly promote high-growth technology companies to become bigger and stronger.

◆Priority is given to recommending the gazelle plan enterprises to apply for the municipal industrial technology innovation project;
◆Priority is given to recommending Gazelle plan companies to apply for scientific and technological projects such as the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements at or above the provincial level, and key R&D plans;
◆Increased support for Gazelle plan companies to obtain Kedaitong risk compensation and technology loan discounts;
◆ Prioritize the cultivation of gazelles to develop and grow into unicorn enterprises.
What are the recommended conditions
◆It is an enterprise with legal person status which has been registered in the industrial and commercial area of Suzhou City, and has been established for more than three years. The operating income of the enterprise in the previous year is not less than 50 million yuan and not more than 500 million yuan;
◆Have obtained the domestic high-tech enterprise qualification and are within the validity period, have core independent intellectual property rights, strong scientific and technological innovation ability, and have more than 1 invention patent;
◆The company has good growth potential, and the average growth rate of main business income or net profit in the past three years is not less than 15%;
◆Establish a high-level R&D institution with a high proportion of R&D investment, and the proportion of R&D expenditure in the past three years in the main business income is not less than 5%;
◆Has a strong R&D talent team, and the scientific and technological personnel directly engaged in research and development account for more than 15% of the total number of employees;
◆The company has strong comprehensive competitiveness, has a sound management team, sound financial system, strong market adaptability, flexible incentive mechanism, and has significant advantages in subdivided industries;
◆Be able to fill in the relevant statistical data of the enterprise on time.

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